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Seattle Engagement Photographer: Rick+Anna Photography

As we began the planning for Elinora+Jared’s engagement session and talking about doing a downtown Seattle shoot, we started daydreaming about doing a formal engagement shoot in the city at sunset – so we ran our ideas by these two and before we knew it they were ready to go with Jared’s tux and Elinora’s amazing gown.  We met up just as the sun was going down near the waterfront, and then went out onto the docks to catch an incredible fire-red sky as the sun dipped below the horizon – and we had so much fun setting up these shots and getting a chance to hang out and laugh with E+J for another evening.  We love this entire set, so it was hard to narrow it down to just a few of our favorites, and we’re so excited to share them with you today – what a great way to end the week!  Love, R+A

Elinora+Jared-86Elinora+Jared-90Elinora+Jared-92seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-100seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-109Elinora+Jared-114Elinora+Jared-115Elinora+Jared-116Elinora+Jared-117Elinora+Jared-123Elinora+Jared-124Elinora+Jared-129Elinora+Jared-135Elinora+Jared-137seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-151seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-154Elinora+Jared-155seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-162Elinora+Jared-167seattle wedding photographer

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Seattle Wedding Photographer: Rick+Anna Photography

Elinora+Jared’s downtown Seattle engagement session was an adventurous one!  Rooftops, parking garages, and somehow Anna managed to have close encounters with two different kinds of animal poop…but we all laughed our way through this session and it is one of our favorites!  When we first met Elinora+Jared (thanks to the lovely and talented ladies at Maris Events for connecting us!) we immediately felt super comfortable with them, and one of our favorite things about working with them is how sweet they are to each other, and how that shines through in their photos.  We know how difficult it can be to have your photos done, and how awkward it can feel to have big cameras in your face, but as soon as Jared would wrap Elinora up in his arms we could see the rest of the world just melt away…Elinora+Jared, thanks for being so awesome and going for our crazy ideas!  We cannot WAIT to celebrate with you next year at J Brookwalter Cellars on your wedding day!  Love, R+A

PS. We had the pleasure of shooting 2 sets of engagement photos with Elinora+Jared, so stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!  A tux, a sparkly formal gown, and an incredible sunset on the waterfront is coming your way – you don’t want to miss it.

seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-2Elinora+Jared-6Elinora+Jared-11Elinora+Jared-18seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-25Elinora+Jared-28seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-35Elinora+Jared-38Elinora+Jared-49Elinora+Jared-54seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-64seattle wedding photographerElinora+Jared-71Elinora+Jared-77Elinora+Jared-80

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Yay!!!  Today is the day!!!  Our new website is LIVE!!!

For years we’ve been using templates and going the DIY route for our website and blog, but we’ve always wanted to hire a professional to create a brand and custom online presence that we feel truly represents who we are and what we do…and over the past few weeks we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to finally make it happen with the help of our talented designer Meg Long from GO LIVE HQ!  We’ve been following Meg’s work for quite awhile, so we knew she was the one for us, and we’re still amazed at how she took our vague ideas of what we thought we wanted and created something beautiful that we are really proud to show off, and we are SO excited to share it with you all today on this fresh new blog!

Having a new blog kind of feels like having a brand new pretty notebook and a great new pen, it inspires us to fill the pages with tidy handwriting and creativity, and it feels like we’re opening ourselves up to fresh possibilities.  We can’t wait to fill these pages…

Our focus for our new brand was to keep it classic, clean, and timeless – while still incorporating our style and personalities, and we love the new look.  One of our challenges has always been figuring out what we want our branding and website to visually look like, so this has been quite the journey for us.  First, to decide that we were going to make the investment in hiring a professional designer, and secondly to verbalize to her and show her exactly what we were looking for when we weren’t quite sure ourselves!  We’re happy that we’ve waited so many years to make this investment, because it’s taken us many years to figure out our style, our brand, and how we want to represent our business online.  And if there’s one thing that we know is true in this day and age, it’s that our website is our storefront – it’s the very first and usually only impression that we make to potential clients and it’s SO important to put your best foot forward.  We’ve been using Showit for our website for the past couple of years – and we LOVE how easily customizable it is, we love that we can make literally any update that we could ever dream of on our own, we love that we can have a custom mobile site (so be sure to check the new site out on both your computer and mobile device to experience them both!), and we really love that we can make custom websites for all of our inquiries and clients.  Our blog is separately hosted and uses WordPress ProPhoto for the backend, which again is super user friendly and easy to update – with a custom design to match our Showit site!

Check out our awesome new homepage, and click HERE or using the menu at the top to go to check out the full site:

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.44.23 PM


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For Photographers: Insurance For Photographers.

Today we are sharing some HUGE advice for our fellow photographers!  Years and years ago when we took the plunge into professional photography we sold Rick’s Jeep to buy our first two DSLRs and a few lenses, and since then we’ve always been blown away by the cost of anything photography related.  It seems like if it has the word “photography” attached to it you know it’s going to be expensive.  And so, one of the very first things we did when we started our business was to get both liability insurance and coverage for our gear.  To be honest, we’re a little obsessive about insurance…we probably go a bit overboard because we literally insure everything.  We’ve just always known that we never ever want to be in a situation where we experience a huge loss and regret not paying a small bit every month to cover it, even though we’ve never used it until recently.

So, we simply cannot emphasize how important this is and now, unfortunately, we’ve experienced a situation that validates our OCD!

A few weeks ago we were traveling through Oregon and by the time we stopped for the night we were exhausted.  Tons of gear, 3 luggage bags, 2 babies, and 1 yellow lab later we somehow left my Kelly Moore camera bag sitting next to our car unattended for a few minutes in a dark hotel parking lot.  And when we realized we didn’t have it with us and started looking for it we were incredibly confused.  Was it in the trunk of my car?  No.  Well, then, we must have put it in the Jeep.  Nope, not there either.  But we just had it, I remember getting it out of the car!  Is it in the lobby behind that big couch?  Nope, not there either.  Cue panic mode.  Thankfully the hotel had surveillance footage of the parking lot, and sure enough, we watched ourselves walk away from the bag and just after we walked away another car pulled up, grabbed it, and took off.  We were in disbelief.  And then we started inventorying our gear and memory cards, and realized that we had lost a camera body, all of our prime lenses, a speed light, and a memory card containing photos from the day prior that were not yet backed up.  Our stomachs literally sank into the floor.  Over $10,000 of gear just gone in an instant, in one small bag.  It’s scary that there can be so much value in one camera bag, and we were simply devastated.  We knew (hoped) that our gear could be replaced, but at that point we were sure the memory card (and the photos on it) were lost forever.

We began the process of calling the cops to file a report as well as our insurance agent to file a claim, and in that moment we were so happy and relieved that we had coverage for the equipment that is our livelihood.  So…here are the top 5 things that we learned in the process that we feel are important to share with you:

1 – Never ever leave your gear unattended.  This is such an obvious one…of course you especially don’t want to leave anything unattended in a dark parking lot at midnight….but I will also admit that before this happened we would sometimes set our bags down during shoots, and then we’d get caught up in the moment and let them slip out of our peripheral vision while we were were working with our clients – and we know we aren’t the only ones, because we’ve heard stories of photographers setting their bags down while shooting a wedding and having a thief walk up and steal them while they were distracted.  So just remember – you can lose your entire livelihood in just one bag – so keep it on your body at all times and never let it out of your sight.

2 – Having business insurance is non-negotiable.  We never imagined that we would have a bag of gear stolen, and had it not been recovered, we would not have been able to replace all of the stolen items right away without insurance.  When you’re running a business and you’ve got clients counting on you to capture their most treasured memories you simply need to protect yourself and your assets.  There are plenty of companies that offer insurance for photographers, and it’s super easy and affordable.

3 - Keep records of all serial numbers.  This is what saved us and led to our gear recovery.  When you purchase new gear, be sure to record the serial numbers, and save them in multiple places.  Your insurance policy should list them, and it should be updated as you add to your inventory, and you should keep your own separate records of them that are easily accessible.  We have lists saved in both our email and in our cloud storage so they they are accessible at all times…and a list of the stolen gear and corresponding serial numbers are the first things that the cops asked us for.  Thankfully we were able to access them that same evening and get them to the detective on the case – and he uploaded them into a database so that if they turned up they would be immediately flagged as stolen.

4 – Have photos of all of your gear and keep your receipts.  When we filed our insurance claim, they wanted proof of ownership for the non-serial numbered items (such as my camera bag itself).  Proof of ownership can come in many forms, but if you keep a photo on file of each of your business assets as well as your purchase receipts you should be covered.  It’s always a good idea to save these in multiple places as well (again in your email and cloud storage) so you can quickly send them off, and once we sent receipts and photos of everything the insurance claim process went super smoothly.

5 – Be on the lookout for your gear online and in pawn shops.  We were heartbroken when our gear was taken, and we had to leave Oregon the next morning, but we took the detective’s advice and before we left Rick went around to as many local pawn shops as we could find to check for our gear…and then in the week following we checked Craigslist in that area multiple times a day looking for a posting that matched our gear, which was simple to do from our phones while we were on the road.  We were told that stolen electronics show up in one of these two places 90% of the time, because there aren’t a lot of other options for the thief to make a quick buck off their stolen goods, so we were religious about checking multiple times a day.  And sure enough, about a week after it was stolen, just as we were finalizing our insurance claim, our bag showed up at a pawn shop!

When we received the call from the police department a week after it was stolen that our gear had been recovered we were absolutely shocked because by that time we were sure that we would never see it again, and we were just waiting on our insurance to send us final approval for funds to replace everything!  But it turns out that because we were able to provide our serial numbers, and the detective entered them into their database, when a pawn shop bought them from the thief and they were immediately flagged in the system as stolen!  After some paperwork and very expensive postage to ship everything across the country to us we had ALL of our gear back, including the most priceless item – the memory card with the photos we thought we had lost, and all of it was in perfect condition!  So please, learn from our experience, and take the time to get insurance coverage if you don’t have it, record all of your serial numbers, and take photos of all of your gear and business assets immediately…because taking the 30 minutes to do this today could make the difference between the loss or recovery of the tools that are your livelihood.  Love, R+A

Shooting with my trusty 100mm 2.8L Macro, 2 days after it was recovered…

insurance for photographers

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Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Photos: Lisa+Marc

We’re getting in the winter spirit around here this morning with this adorable couple and their snowy engagement session!  In the days leading up to our Seattle trip last weekend we were religiously checking the weather forecast and it was unwavering – showing sunny skies for the day of Lisa+Marc’s engagement session with no chance of rain, so we were blown away when we woke up to SNOW on Saturday morning!!  Thankfully the roads were clear, because it was an absolutely beautiful afternoon out on Rattlesnake Lake with these two!  When we first met Lisa we knew that we were going to be a great match, and it was so great to finally meet Marc and to spend the day with them in a winter wonderland.  These two have spent a lot of time apart, with Marc being in the military, and we know exactly what that’s like…so it was extra special to us to be able to document their love for each other (along with a snowball fight!) during his visit the the PNW.  There’s just something about these two.  Something about how she makes him giggle, and something about he makes her crinkle her nose when he makes her laugh – and we cannot wait for their Jardin del Sol wedding in Snohomish next year!  Lisa+Marc, thanks so much for a perfect afternoon of fun and helicopter pilot talk, topped off with great BBQ…we just love you guys and can’t wait for your wedding day!  Love, R+A

rattlesnake lake engagementLisa+Marc-5Lisa+Marc-8Lisa+Marc-9rattlesnake lake engagementLisa+Marc-27Lisa+Marc-28Lisa+Marc-31Lisa+Marc-35rattlesnake lake engagementLisa+Marc-43Lisa+Marc-46rattlesnake lake engagementLisa+Marc-63Lisa+Marc-67Lisa+Marc-78rattlesnake lake engagementLisa+Marc-96Lisa+Marc-91Lisa+Marc-99Lisa+Marc-111Lisa+Marc-117Lisa+Marc-119Lisa+Marc-102

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