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Jardin del Sol Wedding: Rick+Anna Photography

This summer we had the pleasure of shooting in our old hometown of Snohomish, WA two weekends in a row at the gorgeous Jardin del Sol, and Lisa+Marc’s day was truly perfect – a beautiful warm afternoon full of homemade details, lots of love, and plenty of happy tears.  Being a past military couple ourselves, we always have such an appreciation for the couples like Lisa+Marc who are able to weather the distances, crazy schedules, and time apart that it takes to make a relationship work in the face of what can be such a tough lifestyle…and we’re so excited about what the future holds for them as they grow their marriage and their family!

Venue: Jardin del Sol

Caterer: Cabbage Patch Restaurant and Catering

Rentals: Grand Event Rentals


  • August 25, 2015 - 12:40 pm

    Danielle Ploegman - Lisa, you look stunning… And so genuinely happy. I’m so excited for you and Marc… Although I wish you were still in Washington;).ReplyCancel

  • August 25, 2015 - 2:26 pm

    Lisa Isaacs - Beautiful Bride, handsome Groom and a darn awesome wedding! Very happy for you both, May you have a wonderful life together! Love you both! And excited to welcome your little one in a few months! Hugs!ReplyCancel

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Washington Backyard Wedding: Rick+Anna Photography

Years ago, before they were even dating, Jordan found a beautiful stone that reminded her of Brandon, and decided to give it to him in passing.  Looking back, placing that stone in his hand was just a fleeting moment for her, a seemingly insignificant and lost instant in time, that took place before the butterflies and the hand holding and the love that would grow as their relationship took flight.  As they began to fall in love, she had no idea that Brandon had coveted that stone and tucked it away in a drawer – knowing from the start that they had something special, something worth documenting, something worth fighting for, something that – just like that stone – was meant for safekeeping.

And on the evening of their wedding, as they walked through the woods on Jordan’s parent’s property as husband and wife, Brandon passed her a small gift box contained that same stone…and just like their relationship over the years, it had been delicately shaped, molded, and polished into a gorgeous necklace that brought Jordan to tears and seemed to glow with their love in the evening light…you don’t want to miss those photos towards the end of the post…

Jordan+Brandon’s wedding was truly a labor of love.  Every single detail was handcrafted by them and their families…from the home-brewed beer, to the ceremony arbor, to the incredible gardens, to the hand-dyed tablecloths to the flower girl dresses – every beautiful item was handmade with love and created just for them – and it truly shows.  Their day was delightfully colorful and relaxed…their guests wandered the gardens, played lawn games, and danced barefoot to the live music as the sun went down, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Jordan+Brandon, thanks so much to you and your families for the privilege of getting to know you, inviting us into your home like old friends, and documenting your love story.  We couldn’t be more excited for you as you embark on your journey of marriage.  Love, R+A



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Delille Cellars Wedding:  Rick+Anna Photography

This morning I’m sitting listening the rain and thunder and reminiscing back on one of the hottest days of the Seattle summer!  Brenda+Matt braved 96 degree heat without a hitch – and we’re so excited to share their gorgeous wedding story with you today…there’s something extra romantic about a winery wedding, and we loved how Brenda+Matt infused the day with so much of their style and personalities – from the wine ceremony to Brenda’s stunning gown (the back is incredible!!), every detail was perfection.  Brenda+Matt, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to photograph your love!  Love, R+A

Planning/Coordination: Manette Gracie Events

Catering: Lisa Dupar Catering

DJ: Magnolia Rhapsody

Florals by the bride!

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Sheraton Seattle Wedding: Sarah+Rob

On one of the hottest Seattle summer days that we’ve ever seen, Sarah+Rob prepared for their wedding day surrounded by their families and closest friends – and although they seemed calm and relaxed on the outside, it was clear to see that they were both a bit nervous about the day.  After all of the months of planning their wedding had finally arrived, and with it came a mixture of excitement and nerves, but as Rob took Sarah into his arms with tears in his eyes during their first look we watched those nerves melt away.  These two are simply at home together.  They are kind, and loving, and goofy, and fun, and everything else that you hope to find in your perfect partner, and it’s was such a pleasure to photograph their wedding day!

Sarah+Rob, thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your love and to get to know you over this past year – you guys are an inspiration to us in so many ways and we wish you all the best as you begin this new journey together as husband and wife!  Love, R+A

Venue: Sheraton Seattle Hotel

Florals: Althauser Design

DJ: Otto-Mattic Mobile Music

Hair/Makeup: Off White Makeup and Hair

2015-08-07_00012015-08-07_0002sheraton seattle wedding2015-08-07_00072015-08-07_00062015-08-07_00082015-08-07_00042015-08-07_00092015-08-07_00102015-08-07_00112015-08-07_00032015-08-07_00122015-08-07_00132015-08-07_00142015-08-07_0015sheraton seattle wedding2015-08-07_00172015-08-07_00182015-08-07_00192015-08-07_00202015-08-07_00212015-08-07_00242015-08-07_00222015-08-07_00252015-08-07_00262015-08-07_00272015-08-07_00282015-08-07_00292015-08-07_00302015-08-07_00312015-08-07_00322015-08-07_00332015-08-07_00342015-08-07_00352015-08-07_00362015-08-07_00382015-08-07_00402015-08-07_00412015-08-07_00432015-08-07_00422015-08-07_00442015-08-07_00452015-08-07_00462015-08-07_00472015-08-07_00482015-08-07_00492015-08-07_00502015-08-07_00512015-08-07_00522015-08-07_00532015-08-07_00542015-08-07_00552015-08-07_00562015-08-07_0057sheraton seattle wedding2015-08-07_00602015-08-07_00592015-08-07_00612015-08-07_00622015-08-07_00692015-08-07_00632015-08-07_00642015-08-07_00652015-08-07_00672015-08-07_00662015-08-07_00682015-08-07_00702015-08-07_00712015-08-07_0072

  • August 8, 2015 - 12:25 am

    Sally Bright Eastman - Beautiful!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • August 18, 2015 - 1:25 am

    Theresa Althauser - Once again, the photos are amazing. Such a talented couple you are.ReplyCancel

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Jardin del Sol Wedding: Rick+Anna Photography

Venue: Jardin del Sol

Planning/Coordination: Lisa Stone

Florist: Laurel’s Floral Decor

DJ: Bugsie Productions

Caterer: Bitterroot Catering

Bar Service: A Grand Affaire

And a very special thank you to our amazing assistant Joanna Monger Photography!

It’s a good day, because I’m diving back into the blog today!  The number of weddings and shoots and personal posts that we have in the queue to post is a little intimidating at this point, but we can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to lately during our summer of shooting in Seattle…and we can’t think of a better way to kick things off again than Gina+Rey’s gorgeous and emotional wedding day.

Every wedding day is incredibly precious.  Every little single moment.  Every hug, every tear, every kiss, every word spoken, every laugh exchanged.  All of our couples share something special, and every wedding day holds moments that brings tears to our eyes as we press the shutter (yes, Rick’s too!)…but Gina+Rey’s day truly took “emotional” to another level.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that there wasn’t a single dry eye in the audience during their ceremony, because their vows were so heartfelt and sweet that they knocked us all off of our feet.  With their best friends at their sides, and surrounded by the people who love them the most, they tearfully spoke their hearts to each other, and it was such a privilege to document their love.

Gina+Rey, we can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to document your wedding day, and for treating us like part of the family!  Love, R+A


Gina+Rey wanted to contrast their gorgeous garden venue with a more industrial and gritty first look location, so we chose Georgetown in Seattle, which is the perfect location for plenty of privacy and awesome backdrops…

Love this canid family portrait of Rey’s mom surrounded by her children…


In memory of his father, Rey carried his hat down the aisle with him…



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