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R+A Behind the Lens: A Time of Renewed Focus

Post by Anna.

It’s become a kind of tradition for us.  Have a baby, visit the Farm.  Last week it wasn’t planned, but when we looked at our calendar and saw blank squares from Monday-Friday we suddenly decided to hit the road.  Being around home these past 5 weeks with baby Trevor has been great…but we’ve always been adventurers, pack-the-car-and-let’s-just-go road trippers…and having babies certainly hasn’t changed any of that.  But these days, instead of just packing a small backpack between the two of us we’re buried in car seats, diaper bags, snacks, stuffed animals, [insert random kid-related item here].  So we packed our mountain of supplies and on Sunday afternoon we hit the road, savoring the sense of freedom and possibility that the open road provides for two whole blocks before we had to stop so I could nurse Trevor!  But the rest of the drive was great, and we arrived to Eugene, OR earlier than expected to catch up with old friends – the kind that we can stay up with all night drinking wine and laughing…the kind that no matter how long it’s been since we were last together we fall back into old rhythms and it feels like we were never apart.  The kinds of friends and conversations that are simply good for the soul.  After our stop in Eugene we continued on to the “Farm”…the property of old family friends – 8 acres of perfection nestled along a river, where the air is cleaner, the beds are more comfortable, the homegrown food is tastier, and an aura of relaxation seeps into your body and mind.  We played outside in the sun, skipped rocks on the river, curled up next to the wood burning stove at night, took day trips to the Redwoods and Crater Lake, and barely checked our phones or email for the first time in years.

We marveled at our beautiful little family, had long talks about this past year, held hands, and looked into each other’s eyes.  We reviewed our goals for this year, evaluated our progress, and then spoke some big, crazy, long-term goals out loud to each other.  And then we wrote it all down in our neat new little notebook, even the big goals that sounded crazy as soon as we spoke them out loud.

A week ago I was feeling a little burned out, a little cooped up and stuck…and after our trip I’m feeling rejuvenated, like nothing can stop our momentum, and ready to make things happen.  In just two weeks time we begin our marathon of summer weddings and senior portraits, and I know that before we know it’ll be the end of October and we’ll wonder where the summer went.  And somewhere in between we’ll laugh with our seniors, cry happy tears during weddings, and take some epic photos.  And that whole time, our little notebook of goals will be waiting to be checked off one by one.  I can’t wait.

For a look behind the scenes, here’s a little home movie we put together from our trip:



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