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R+A Behind the Lens: A Letter To Rick On The Occasion Of His Birthday

Dear Rick,

Do you remember that time you drove all night to meet me in Paris?  “Meet me under the Eiffel Tower,” you said, “first thing in the morning.”  I changed my outfit at least 5 times, knowing that ultimately nothing would be worthy of a romantic rendezvous under in arguably the most romantic landmark in the world.  You drove across two countries, spent all of your money on that last tank of gas, and slept in your car just so you could see me for a few hours.

And then I saw you, standing there.  And the world stopped.

And it was in that moment that I knew you were the one.

We spent that afternoon in Paris drinking margaritas and people watching, and you placed your foot next to mine, just barely touching, and held my hand under the table as we laughed together.  Back then, I never could have imagined that years and years down the road we would find ourselves waking up together every morning…that I would look down at my hand and see our initials tattooed into my ring finger, and I surely never could have imagined that we would be living this dream together, spending every single day photographing the type of love that we’ve been so lucky to find in each other.  And this morning we sat drinking our coffee and watching the news as I held baby Trevor and Dylan raced around the house, and I felt your foot just barely touching mine in that familiar way.  And in that moment, as I do in every moment of every day, I knew you were the one.

We’ve been through many birthdays together, you and I.  We’ve spent birthdays traveling the world, going on adventures, and revealing elaborate surprises to each other.  But these past couple of years, especially now that we have the boys, things have been a little different, like today.  Today we drank our coffee together and then went about our day, loving on the boys, running errands, holding hands, eating tacos with your family…just being together without any elaborate surprises or adventures, and as I sat down to write this and reminisced over our past birthday adventures it hit me – I simply can’t imagine things any other way.

We’ve taken some HUGE, scary, and awesome leaps towards our biggest goals these past few weeks, both in this business and in our lives (which I’ll be sharing more about on the blog VERY soon as things slow down a bit!), and I cannot image a better partner as we embark on these next great adventures together.  Happy birthday to the absolute love of my life – I can’t wait to see what our next adventures bring.  Thank you for loving me so fiercely every single day and making all of my dreams come true.



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