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R+A Behind the Lens: You Might Be A Rick+Anna Couple If…

The other day we were on a double date with some friends, catching up over sushi and sake, and we started talking about wedding photography (to be honest, we would probably bore all of our friends with photography talk 24/7 if they would let us!).  These particular friends aren’t photographers, in fact they are super detached from the world of weddings (although they are married and are some of our dearest friends!), and somehow that dirty word that we hate so much came up… “Bridezillas.”  Ugh.  The word that raises eyebrows, plants fear into the hearts of photographers everywhere, and makes them say with a shudder “I would never shoot weddings because I could never deal with Bridezillas!”  [Cue scary music]  And we actually hear that quite often when we tell people what we do…they say something to the effect of “I could never work in the wedding industry, I’m sure you have a million stories about crazy Bridezillas!”

But you know what?  The absolute truth is that we have never ever ever experienced the elusive Bridezilla.  To us, she might as well be Bigfoot!  We’ve heard rumors that she exists, deep down we believe she’s probably out there, but we’ve never seen her for ourselves.

And when we told our friends that we’ve never experienced a Bridezilla before they couldn’t believe it – and it got us thinking about all of the amazing couples that we’ve had the chance to work with, and we realized that the reason that we connect so well with our clients is because they are so similar to us!  We like the same things, we laugh at the same jokes, we share the same philosophies on love and marriage, and by the time the wedding is over and the photos have been delivered we often feel like we’ve gained lifelong friends.  Which is funny, because we are weird.  We are quirky.  We’re not for everyone.  And so, prompted by a ridiculous few hours on our most recent flight to Seattle where we cried (ok, not just cried but ugly cried with big old tears and a couple of sobs) together in front of everyone on the plane while watching a chick flick, we thought we would put together a compilation of quirky things that shed some light on what our couples are like and why we mesh so well!

And that led to today’s blog topic…You might be a Rick+Anna Photography couple if you’re like us and you know these things to be true…


Your idea of a hot date involves a Friday night, pajama pants, a bottle of good Merlot, and a Netflix marathon.

You’re both involved in the wedding planning.

You’re the type of couple who seeks to have a marriage that is even more beautiful than your wedding.

You would spend the rest of your life traveling the world together if you could.

You believe that candid moments are the most beautiful moments, and you want authentic and timeless images that capture you naturally.

You share way too many inside jokes to count.  And one of them may or may not be imitating this video every chance you get:

You don’t love being in front of the camera because you’re worried that you’ll be super awkward.

You’re all about that bass.  No, really.  You don’t necessarily want to admit it, but you BOTH love anything by Meghan Trainor or off of Taylor Swift’s new album, which is a little embarrassing, but you can’t help breaking it down in the kitchen together when they pop up on your Pandora station.

You’re one of those weird couples that truly prefers to spend allllllll of their time together.  Everyone else is talking about getting a “girls night out” once a week, but all you want to do is snuggle up together.  See “Your idea of a hot date” above.

And finally, you believe that photography is one of the most important investments that you’ll make for your wedding day.

Yep, that pretty much describes us (and our amazing couples) in a nutshell.  Quirky.  Kind of weird.  Totally in love.


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