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Dear Valentine…

Post by Anna.

My Valentine is a guy who took my hand, years ago on this day (because he was too excited to wait for the 14th), as we were strolling the snowy streets of Berlin and pressed a small cold ring into my palm as he asked me to be his wife.  He’s a guy who stands by me and all of my crazy ideas, and dives headfirst into life with me every single day.  My Valentine puts up with my stubbornness and my crazy work ethic, but gently pulls me back and makes me slow down and cuddle when I need it.  He’s often my voice of reason, and he keeps me grounded.  He holds me when I’m happy and then holds me twice as tightly when I’m sad.  He pushes me to be better.  A better photographer.  A better mom.  A better friend.  A better person.

I don’t think my Valentine has ever gotten me an actual Valentine’s Day gift, nor I him.  And that’s the way I prefer it.  Because we know that when you’re in love, every single day should be like Valentine’s Day, and it doesn’t take a box of chocolates to prove it.  My Valentine is the kind of guy that will make me a beautiful bouquet from our garden on a random Tuesday evening, rather than order flowers on February 14th.  Who will get up and spend hours rocking our babies in the middle of the night just so I can get some uninterrupted sleep.  Who cooks us dinner every night.  He’s a guy who loves Netflix marathons and craft beer as much as I do, and who I share more inside jokes with than I knew could exist.  And I know that this year, just like every other Valentine’s Day, when we wake up he’ll ask me, “What did you get me for Valentine’s Day?” And I’ll say “Nothing.” And then we’ll share that secret inside-joke smile, that I-love-you smile, and he’ll say “Good, because I didn’t get you anything either.”  And we’ll go about our day as we always do, as two people in love.

I remember back in the day, before I met him, when I didn’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day.  I had no idea he was out there, that this was out there.  And I had no idea that a love could get even better, stronger, more fun, and more intense as the years ticked by – but that’s what my Valentine and I share now.  He’s my partner in life, in parenting, in adventure, and in business.  He’s my second shooter who always gets the shot when I miss it, who steps in to help with posing when he sees me struggling, who insists that we always have time for a kiss when I’m stressed out, who can make friends with anyone, and who supports me no matter what happens.

My Valentine is the kind of guy who gets a sparkle in his eye and can’t stop smiling when we decide, randomly one night over a bottle of wine, to pack up our entire life in a U-Haul and move our family across the country…because he knows it will make me happy.  Who will clean out the bottom of the kitchen sink when it gets clogged up, because he knows that it’s one of my biggest fears in life.  Who spends his days taking care of our boys so that we can pursue this business and passion of ours.

Rick, I may not have gotten you anything for Valentine’s Day this year, and I know you didn’t want me to, but I want you to know that every single day you make all my dreams come true.  Thanks for being my everyday-Valentine.  Love, A

And a little throwback to one of our first trips together to Greece back in the day…



  • February 14, 2015 - 4:28 am

    Dennis Haynes - So sweet! I could tell you two were in love when I first met you. Rock on! <3ReplyCancel

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