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Confessions Of A Wedding Photographer: Should You Do A First Look?

Should I Do A First Look: Rick+Anna Photography

These days, in the wedding industry, the debate over whether or not couples should do a first look on their wedding day can be a heated one!  And if you want to google it, as I just did, you’ll find yourself immersed in photography and wedding blogs that all cite about a million reasons for why you should do a first look before your ceremony.  But here’s the deal – we believe that this is such an incredibly personal decision that you have to make for yourselves!  Some of our couples choose a first look, and some of them choose to see each other for the first time at the ceremony…and we really mean it when we say that we believe that each option is just as special, romantic, and emotional as the other.  If you’ve been dreaming of your first look in a private spot before your ceremony, then that option will be perfect for you…but if you’ve been dreaming about seeing each other and locking eyes for the first time on your wedding day as you walk down the aisle – then you shouldn’t let the trends of wedding blogs convince you otherwise, because whichever option you decide on, that moment is going to be one of the most incredible moments of your life.

On our own wedding day, we went super non-traditional and got ready together, which is also an option that some of our couples choose…

should i do a first look

So, you might be wondering…why are so many people choosing to do a first look these days, and why do so many of the wedding blogs steer couples towards seeing each other before their ceremony?  Well – the short and easy answer for why so many couples choose a first look is that it allows you to take all of your formal photos before your ceremony.  This means that after your ceremony you won’t need to step away from your guests to take photos together, with your bridal party, or with your family during your cocktail hour and you can spend that time mingling with your guests.  And ultimately, so many photographers recommend it because it means more time set aside for your photos before the ceremony, rather than trying to complete all of the portraits during the cocktail hour.  should i do a first lookAli+Walter-291And we mean it when we say…if you want to see each other for the first time earlier that day during a first look and have that private moment all to yourselves, we want you to do that!  That will allow us to spend more time taking portraits of the two of you, your bridal party, and your family – and to complete all of those formal shots prior to your ceremony.  That will allow you to spend your cocktail hour with your guests and to relax and enjoy your family and friends without stepping away for photos.

But we also mean it when we say…if you want to feel that magic that you’ve been dreaming of for so many years of seeing your husband or wife for the first time that day as your eyes meet from down the aisle – we want you to have that moment, and we think that you should have that moment.  This will allow you to share that moment with your family and friends, to keep things more traditional, and truly adds something special to a ceremony.  We’ll be able to get all of your photos done during your cocktail hour, and it’s always special to spend some time alone taking photos with us right after your ceremony, so that you get a chance to just be together and celebrate your new marriage alone for a few minutes…and we love moments like this:

should i do a first lookAs photographers, sure, we can admit that a first look makes things a bit easier on us!  But as romantics, we want you to make this very personal decision for yourselves…and to know that whichever option you choose it will be an incredible moment…



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