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Our Favorite Wedding To Shoot

Today is a fun post for me, and it’s something that’s been on my mind lately.  Over the past few weeks, the same question seems to keep popping up for us in conversation.  It’s come from clients and other photographers, and it’s made me smile a little bit to myself as I reflect back on all of the weddings we’ve had the chance to document…

“What is your favorite kind of wedding to shoot?”

And it always confuses me for a split second, as I wonder what exactly they’re asking.  What do they mean by “kind of wedding?”  And they start to elaborate….”barn weddings, ballroom weddings, DIY weddings, garden weddings, high-end weddings, backyard weddings, courthouse weddings…”  The list goes on and on…

And to be honest, this year especially, we feel like we’ve seen it all.  From opulent ballrooms to backyards to grungy downtown warehouses to beaches to mountaintops, we’ve literally traveled the nation this summer to tell love stories, and after pondering this question the past few weeks I’ve realized that we actually DO, in fact, have a favorite type of wedding.  We have a favorite type of wedding, and we have a favorite type of client.  Absolutely.  How could we not?

Our favorite type of wedding is a type of wedding that we’ve shot over and over, especially this year.  It’s the type of wedding that, no matter how crazy our week has been, makes us slow down – it’s the type of wedding that makes Rick whisper in my ear “I love you” as we pass each other during the ceremony, it’s the type of wedding where the bridesmaids completely lose it when the bride gets into her gown, it’s the type of wedding where the father of the bride holds on just a little longer after the music has stopped during the father-daughter dance because he just doesn’t want to let go, it’s the type of wedding where the couple dances their way back up the aisle because they’re so ridiculously happy to finally be married, it’s the type of wedding that renews our own marriage every time we witness it, and it’s the type of wedding that’s filled with so much laughter and joy that it makes our head spin, and I want you to know that the location really doesn’t play any part in our “favorite type” of wedding.

There are a million blogs and opinions out there about the best spots to get married, or about how cafe lights are a must-have when the sun goes down, or about what color linens you should choose, or how many guests you should invite – and the solutions to those questions are different for every single couple that we work with.  We don’t specialize in “high end” weddings or backyard weddings or any other typical “type” of wedding.  Sometimes we’re one of 30 other vendors at a gorgeous location filled to the brim with expensive and intricate details, and sometimes we’re the only paid vendor our couples hire for their backyard soirée.  Our favorite type of wedding, the type of wedding that we specialize in, is a wedding with a compelling love story…and whether that love story takes place on your parent’s property with your home-brewed beer and a dance party in the dirt or in the Hilton’s grandest ballroom, while the location and decor are part of your wedding day, it’s not the venue or your theme that makes your story beautiful to us.  It’s you.  It’s how the two of you are together – so in love on one of the happiest days of your life as you officially become family.  It’s your emotions, it’s your family, it’s your friends.  It’s the tears cried and the way your dad looks at you as he walks you down the aisle.  It’s the advice given by your grandparents who’ve been married for 50 years during the toasts.  It’s the phone call that we get weeks later expressing how thankful you are for a certain photo of a loved one who’s passed away since your wedding.

Our favorite weddings are the weddings where you can’t stop smiling as you do a formal waltz under a spotlight surrounded by gorgeous flower arrangements and the perfect color of uplighting.  Our favorite weddings are the weddings where you walk through your neighborhood giggling with your life-long friends in their mismatched flowery dresses, finishing off the bottle of champagne on your way to the local park, where your guests will all play “here comes the bride” on their provided kazoos at your ceremony overlooking the ocean, and where you’ll dance back up the aisle in a cloud of bubbles before hopping on a bicycle with your husband or wife to ride the 3 miles to the reception venue – ringing the bell the entire way as you laugh together with the wind in your hair.  Our favorite kind of wedding is your wedding.  The one where you inject your unique personalities into the details and then ride the emotions of the day without holding back, the one where you do your best to savor and enjoy every moment.


We used to think that once we’d shot a certain budget wedding we’d have “made it,” or once we were hired to shoot at a certain venue we’d finally be shooting the type of weddings that we wanted to shoot.  But at some point in the past few years we’ve realized that the type of wedding we want to shoot is really about finding those awesome couples that we connect with, and little else matters.  It’s up to us to document just how beautiful your wedding day is, and what we know for sure is that if you’ve chosen us as your photographers your love is going to be gorgeous and unique and quirky and elegant and fun every single time – just like ours, and we want to photograph it.  Love, A





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