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Orient The Map (or what being a helicopter pilot taught me about life – Part 1)

I remember the first time I went up in a helicopter during flight school back in the day…  There were so manyView full post »

Carrollton, GA Studio Tour!

Carrollton GA Photographer: Rick+Anna Photography This is SO overdue, but today we’re giving you a little peekView full post »

Bring It Back to “Why”…

As our lives have grown busier and busier lately between shooting, managing the new studio space, renovating our home,View full post »

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer: Wedding Ceremonies – Things to Consider!

Today we’re kicking off the morning with some tips for our engaged couples out there who are planning theirView full post »

Confessions Of A Wedding Photographer: Should You Do A First Look?

Should I Do A First Look: Rick+Anna Photography These days, in the wedding industry, the debate over whether or notView full post »

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer: Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day – Things To Consider!

Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day: Rick+Anna Photography Preparing for your wedding day is overwhelming, and it’sView full post »

R+A Behind the Lens: You Might Be A Rick+Anna Couple If…

The other day we were on a double date with some friends, catching up over sushi and sake, and we started talking aboutView full post »

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer – The Planning Phase: What’s Most Important?

Today we’re kicking off a new series here on the blog that we’ve been discussing for awhile!  We do a lotView full post »